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Here at the Avalon Clinic our goal is that you are satisfied in every area of your experience and this includes pricing. Our Doctors work hard to keep the cost of your chosen procedure down to make it affordable while still providing the best all-around experience.The pricing below is an estimate based on standard costs and prices may vary depending on individual circumstances and/or length of the procedure chosen.

We like to meet with our patients personally so we can listen and see what it is you would like done before we give you an exact cost. Our prices include surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, supplies, surgery, pre-op, and all of your follow-up visits with us. Please call our office at (253) 582-8486 to schedule your consultation appointment or simply contact us right here from the web and we will respond to you within 48 hours.





Breast Augmentation w/Saline Implants


Breast Augmentation w/Silicone Implants


Breast Lift (Mastopexy)


Breast Reduction


Tummy Tuck (Regular)


Tummy Tuck (Inverted T)


Liposuction (1-3.75 hours)


Laser Liposuction

$5,500 - $7,900

*Please note prices are estimates only.   Need to see Doctor to get a final quote.


You may Apply For Financing through CareCredit®.

Introducing Care Credit 

The Avalon Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery is dedicated to making the cosmetic surgery process as easy and affordable as possible. If you are looking for a way to pay for your cosmetic surgery procedure or you have been thinking about it for a long time... look no more!

Whether you are looking for a short term payment plan with little or no interest, or you want lower monthly payments, CareCredit® may be right for you.

CareCredit® is a card designed specifically for your cosmetic surgery needs. With its easy application process you will have an answer within seconds.

It is Quick and Easy

CareCredit® has no teaser rates. No Introductory rates. No application fees. No annual fees. No pre-payment penalties.

Avalon Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery offers the following payment plans:

No interest if paid within 12 months.(Minimum monthly payment is required)
24 months, 36 months, 48 months, 60 months Extended Payment Plan at 14.9%
Use the CareCredit® calculator to estimate your monthly payment!

If you have any further questions and need any assistance on how to start the financing process, please call us at: (253) 582-8486

Who We Serve and the Process

Most of our patients are women between the ages of 20 and 55, some of our patients are as young as 18, or as old as 65. Eighty five percent of our patients are mothers, living in the South Sound Region; however, we have a great number of patients that travel from east of the Cascades to visit our clinic. Our Surgeons are known as some of the best and you are the most important part of our business. Most of you have experienced body changes as a result of the aging process. Many of you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable with some aspect of your physical appearance. Often you know exactly what it is you want but you’re not sure how to go about making it happen. This is our job; we give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about how to become a happier you. We spend as long or as little of time as you need and we leave plenty of time for questions. We welcome you to bring a spouse, friend or relative along with you to your visit as they may also have questions that will help you make an informed decision. If you have ever said to yourself;

*I don't feel comfortable with my body. I am active and would love to join a health club. I don't feel confident enough to join. What will other women say when they see my deflated and saggy breasts? I am becoming less and less active and stopped enjoying the things I once loved doing. I am interested in having my breasts back to where they once were, perky and youthful. My main concern was how much time I needed to take off from work, and I was surprised to learn it was only 5-7 days.”


*I am married with three children. I have breastfed all my children. My breasts are deflated, sagging and not as firm as they used to be. I lost fullness and youth. My breasts look flat and old! I really want to feel confident again.”

In the past, cosmetic surgery was only for the rich and famous, it was performed in expensive hospitals in large cities, was considered vain and was not talked about. Women who had persistent, pregnancy-induced body changes were told to accept it and live with it. They felt hopeless and powerless. The dogma was to exercise and diet and those changes would go away. It wasn’t until cosmetic surgery became mainstream, affordable, acceptable and freely talked about that women learned to take care of themselves as well as their families. Women could finally let go of the guilt and make a decision to renew and revitalize themselves. The steps to become a happier, healthier you are very simple. We make the process as easy as possible, providing you with all the tools you need along the way. Our nursing staff are available 24/7 with any questions you have post surgery. We walk through the recovery process with your chosen caregiver and we work tirelessly to see that you have the best experience from beginning till we see you again. We can provide you before and after photos which help for you to see yourself how great the changes are.

This is what you can expect the process to be like:

The Initial Phone Call – you will talk to a patient consultant who wants to get to know you better to understand your wants and desires we may ask you questions about your situation and about the area you would like to change. At the end of the call you have the option to schedule a consultation for only $45 or $10 off if you request a consultation from our web site.

The Consultation – You will meet with your patient consultant who is here to guide you through your decision making process. You will meet with one of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, who will go over your medical history, do an exam, answer the question “Are you a good candidate” and give you a recommendation. Prices and payment options will be discussed and you have the option to schedule surgery and a pre-operative appointment at that time.

The Pre-Operative Appointment – This is an important appointment that is held prior to your surgery date. You will meet our clinic Nurses that will be with you in most of your follow up appointments; You will sign your surgical consent form and make final payment. If applicable, lab tests may be done. You will also receive your prescriptions for the medication and anything you will need the day of surgery. This is also the time to ask questions and address your concerns.

Surgery Day – When you come in you will first be in the relaxation room. You will meet with your Doctor, the Operating Room Nurse and the Anesthetist. When your surgery time arrives our Operating room Nurse will walk you to the OR. When you wake up after surgery and our operating room staff will be putting on a dressing. Then you will be moved to our recovery room where your caregiver will meet you and go over any last instructions before heading home to relax.

Follow up – You will have several follow up appointments after surgery.

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